I’m sick of snow.

I didn’t used to hate snow – I mean, we lived in Alaska, for Pete’s sake and loved it there! I’ve always enjoyed cool weather and the cold has never really bothered me.

But I’m really feeling it this year for some reason. For one thing, I normally ride every single day and my body is just craving more exercise. For the past six weeks I have been a bored-out-of-my-skull couch potato. I don’t want to read or watch tv or even paint. Thankfully, I’ve had a bunch of winter bike projects to work on, but with the Midwest having been blessed with the worst blizzard from the past fifty years, and school being closed so many days this month, my bike projects are getting finished too soon – far too soon! Daytime television is rotting my brain (et tu, Drew Cary?)

Riding is much more than exercise to me. It’s adventure. It’s exploration. It’s thinking and meditation time. Time to decompress, or time to struggle with one more hill, or – well, just time to be outside and away from the desk and computer and the politics of education.

I consider the 1995 Fuji 25th Anniversary Special Edition to be my “beater” bike. It’s what I ride when the weather begins to suck. I don’t worry much about taking it out in (or on) the snow. I can’t log the miles I will on one of my road bikes, so it’s sort of a placebo – but it’s a two-wheeled placebo at any rate!

I notice a crunching noise coming from the headset and – well, that can’t be good – so I know I’ll need to rebuild the headset very soon. And I’m thinking to myself, Holy cats! A project to keep my dulled and wandering mind busy for a few minutes the next time the snow starts to fall.

Which will probably be later on today.


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