Spring Break has finally arrived!

Birds are singing. The skies are clear. The temperatures are checking in at a balmy 55 degrees today. And my winter project, the 1985 Shogun 2000, is built and ready for an inaugural ride today.

And – unbelievably! – the stars must be in complete alignment because…it’s also Spring Break!

We’ve had a few decent days to ride, but mostly we’ve had blizzards and snow since early January. When Mother Nature has decided to grant us slight reprieve, it seems that those are the days I am scheduled with late administrative meetings or other commitments. Last year, it rained the entire week of Spring Break.

But not this year! The forecast is for decent enough riding weather that I plan to put in a few odd hundred miles to test out the various parts of the Shogun build. After a ride down the block yesterday, I was frustrated to discover that the new set of Panaracer Pacela tires are so much larger than anticipated that they rub the screw head on the inside of the fenders. I now have a set of handmade Continental Gatorskins installed – very fast, smooth, and bullet proof: but they are solid black, without the period-correct-ness of tan sidewalls. I’m conflicted between aesthetics and functionality, of course, but my bikes are built as riders and not as wall hangers. So I got up early this morning and now the Shogun is sporting another new pair of tires.

I’ll carry a camera with me today and watch for a good location to shoot some new overall and detail photographs for a later post.

In the meantime, I’m watching the thermometer with anticipation. At 50 degrees, all systems are go.

And Houston? I’m ready to launch.


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