ca. Early 1960’s Falcon San Remo

I’m just playing around with the idea of outfitting the British Falcon San Remo as a Path Racer. This is truly an international bike – as currently built, there are a hodgepodge of parts from Italy, Britain, France, Germany, and Japan!

A Custom handlebar stem that will get replaced with a nicer 120mm model as soon as I locate one; Weinmann brake lever, and a plated handlebar from who knows where!

Once I get the longer stem on, I’ll make some custom Elkhide leather handlebar grips. The gold paint has oxidized on the tubes pretty badly, but the long point chrome lugs are in beautiful condition. It appears – judging by the missing paint – that the entire frame is chromed. I don’t know if it’s all POLISHED chrome however, but it is mighty tempting to consider stripping the gold to reveal a shiny frame.

From Japan: Dia-Compe brake calipers for the front wheel.

The Italian contribution is a 60’s era Campagnolo Valentino rear derailleur for the five speed hub. Although the San Remo was originally specified with Campagnolo derailleurs, the Valentino is a notoriously crappy shifter. I plan to eventually build a wheel around a wide range 3- or 4- speed Sturmey-Archer internally geared hub.

One of the Japanese contributions is the Sakae crankset. I removed the small 42t ring, leaving only the larger 52t ring.

I’m only running this as a five speed – so, from France I present the one-sided Simplex friction shifter. It’s on the wrong side, of course, so I’m going to loop the cable under the bottom bracket, from non-drive to drive side.

I haven’t decided whether or not to paint this thing. Until I do decide what I’m going to do with the surface, the beautiful head badge stays wrapped up and in a box. I have to admit that I take a certain guilty pleasure in the beaten, aged patina of the tubes.

One kind of cool feature is the lamp bracket, often missing from these vintage British racers. In true British fashion, this one is mounted on the “correct” side of the fork!

The three main tubes are straight gauge Reynolds 531. I have not been able to locate another example of this decal on another bike yet. The “Designed By Ernie Clements” and “Falcon” decals are almost non-existent, but can be seen if one looks at the various tubes very carefully.


3 thoughts on “ca. Early 1960’s Falcon San Remo

  1. Cheryl Conway says:

    I have 2 classic bikes a Falcone – Ernie Clements Sturmey Archer 3 gear, and a Prima12 Steyr Daimler 12 gear. The Falcone has the above features. I was wondering if you would be able to help me value the bikes, or if you might like to buy them yourself.



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