Falcon San Remo, redux

I’ve experimented with yet another set of handlebars – this will be the fourth pair in as many days. I’ve simply balanced the fenders on top of the tires to see how they will look with this build. I picked up nine or ten sets of NOS aluminum fenders at a swap meet yesterday for ten dollars. Some of them are lined in a sort of art deco styling, but most are smooth. I’ve selected the smooth finish for the Falcon, I think and I may also add mud flaps later on. The key to this particular build, though, is simplicity: simplicity of line, simplicity of function, and simplicity of ridability. 

My thinking for this bike is to keep it clean. Thus, the Sturmey-Archer three speed hub. Low maintenance, minimal cabling, a front brakeset only, nice chain line. No clips, either: just hop on the bike and ride around the neighborhood or to the store.

With that in mind, I’m still waiting on cable clips and a cable pulley to arrive so that I can operate the three speed shifter. I’ve got a vintage trigger shifter on the way, but I’ve currently installed a more contemporary Shimano combo shifter/brake lever, which seems to function fine and doesn’t terribly distract from the vintage aesthetic. Once installed, I’ll be wanting to test the low gear out to see if it will allow me to struggle up the steep hills in town… in other words, will this bike function for errands this summer, or simply as a recreational ride? The hills will write the final chapter in that particular saga. 

I’m starting to like the look of things, in general. Now I need to install a set of decent brake blocks that will actually stop the bike.


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