OK, so I’m not even sure if “compulsivity” is actually a legitimate word or not. But it does tend to describe me: I am compulsive about stuff: When a something piques my curiosity, I want to get to know about that thing, inside and out.

And so it is with the bicycle, a relatively simple machine in whose design, use, and function I find endless fascination.

In waking life I am an artist and photographer, in addition to being a scribbler, teacher, dabbler, and experimenter. Many of my recent photographs are a product of my compulsive nature and emphasize the bicycle as a subject. Over the past several years I’ve also been developing a taste for pastiche and have been experimenting with collage as an visual medium; since January the subject matter of these composite illustrations has been largely – you guessed it! – cycling.

Without further fanfare, I share here some of my favorites.

Original artworks and artist reproductions are available here.


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