My neighbors ride three speeds.

There’s not a lot to be said about this. A few months ago, my next door neighbor and I were chatting across the fence. It was early evening and immediately behind me was my studio, all lit up with silhouettes in the windows of racing bikes hung from the ceiling. As things are occasionally wont to do with such a backdrop, the topic of bicycles came up. Mentioning that she and her husband had purchased a pair of used three-speeds many years earlier, my neighbor reminisced about early morning rides up and down the street and around the block. I asked her if they ever rode anymore and she replied that they had not done so for several years. The bikes were, in fact, in the basement collecting dust and in need of repair.

I volunteered to put them back into running order. Husband Danny, at the time, wasn’t terribly interested in getting back out on the road. Kathy on the other hand, was. So I carried her bike up from the basement and over to my studio, gave it a thorough clean up and polishing (nothing makes you want to ride more than a shiny, new bike, right?) A few basic repairs were necessary – new tubes, for instance – but she was back on the road in short order. Soon I saw Kathy out riding every morning.

Danny has reconsidered his initial reticence and asked me to repair his bike, a Vista Cavalier with a Shimano three-speed IGH. There are a few more repair issues with his bike, but we’re just about ready to re-launch. I’m betting we’ll be seeing him tooling down the road with Kathy before too many more mornings pass by.

Shimano three-speed IGH rear hub.

Nice head badge, die cast metal with raised details and lettering. I love head badges!

Big, comfy mattress saddle and a rear rack make this a good candidate for running errands or zipping down to the square.

I left the aging foam grips on and wrapped them with a semi-transluscent earth-tinted vinyl bar wrap. It's tight and probably fairly weather resistant.

3 thoughts on “My neighbors ride three speeds.

  1. Vista, hmm. Haven’t heard of that brand. The Shimano 3 Speed hub and badge logo is very ’70’s. And lugged frame means overseas, probably Japan. I would guess that it was one of the many brands during the bike boom to pop up and try to grab a share of the market. And probably retailed in department stores and the like. (I’m not trying to disparage the bike, just trying to think where it’s from.)

    • I’d never heard of Vista before this – or at least it never seemed to show up on my radar. Oddly enough, I ran across two others this past weekend as I scrounged around in a pile of lower end bikes at a flea market. I am amazed at the sheer volume of marquees that have been produced at one time or another.

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