Shogun 300 drops a few pounds and a few gears

Shogun 300 enters a new life as a three-speed

I’ve been pondering what to do with the Shogun 300 I picked up for chump change over the summer.

After all, my collection already includes a couple of randonneur/touring bikes, several vintages and nationalities of racing bikes, and a leisurely neighborhood comfort bike.

I debated a 650B conversion for a long time – I’ve been following the builds of a couple of really nice Shogun 650B conversions this past year and there does seem to be plenty of room for the fit on the 300 model. However, I’ve also had a wide tire 700c three-speed wheel set gathering dust in the studio.

My grandsons were visiting this afternoon, which left me homebound. So with the two boys hanging out in the studio with me, I puttered around with the bike. I pulled the derailleurs, yanked and cleaned the chainrings – then dropped the chain guard and small ring. The stem shifter got pulled and in its place I installed a single Suntour bar-end shifter to operate the three-speed internal geared hub (which I’m hoping will result in a cleaner overall look.)

The POS vinyl saddle was swapped out for a Vetta that I recovered in soft kid leather earlier this year. Still to come: Clean up the fender line from the rough install of fluted fenders, add new cables and housing,  install yellow cotton Neubaum’s bar wrap coated with my standard seven coats of amber shellac, and a new chain. I may leave platform pedals unless I really miss the toe clips.

The bike should wind up being much lighter and have much cleaner lines when I’m finished.

If I recall correctly, my total investment was twenty dollars for the bike, and whatever the Neubaum’s wrap will set me back. Everything else came from swap meet trades I think, so I’m feeling pretty good about the build so far!


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