Bob Jackson

Gotta love the head badge graphic!

It’s official. My bike budget is shot for a while.

I’ve been seriously contemplating buying a new “off the peg” Bob Jackson touring frame. It’s affordable, even with shipping from the UK. Then over the weekend a new wrinkle: I tried to resist, but a vintage-ish Bob Jackson threw itself at me …and I had to capitulate. So a Bob Jackson frame has been on my short list. Sadly, it’s probably too small (57-ish and I prefer 59 to 60-ish) and a racing frame instead of a touring frame. I may wind up trying to trade it for a larger Bob Jackson frame.

At this point it is undated, but I’m betting on early to mid 80’s, given the 8 speed corn cob in back. None of the components are original, so they’re no help. I’ve sent an email to Bob Jackson Cycles with a query based upon the serial number and perhaps I’ll hear something in response.

Nicely outlined lugwork.

531 tubing throughout.

Campy dropouts.

There was a spot on the down tube where it looked like the residue of duct tape – I mean, what the hell?!? All that remained was dried adhesive; I let a little Bestine saturate the crud and found I could, with a little elbow grease, use a plastic edged scraper to remove it without harming the underlying paint. Otherwise, the bike is in moderately clean condition.

Maybe I’m OCD, but I really want to know what year my bikes were built. I was hoping Bob Jackson Cycles could help me to date the frame by referencing the serial number. They emailed me right back: For a mere twenty pounds sterling, they can seek out the original build card and offer you a laser cut copy, this will give you all the geometry of the frame, the date it was manufactured the model name, a description of the original paint job and the name of the purchaser.” £20 is a bit rich just to satisfy my curiosity, so I believe I shall instead happily live on in blissful ignorance as to the exact vintage! (For what it’s worth, it appears to be a Grand Prix from the early 80’s.)

Upon doing a little research, I’ve found several other individuals who’ve also been quoted between ten and twenty pounds for the Bob Jackson Cycles “look up” –  plus a few others who’ve been fortunate enough to get the info for no charge. Oh well, I can live without it!

Here is an overall shot, with a quick dustoff and and almost unforgivable mixed bag of parts (105, 600, Campy, CTA, Avocet, etc... plus those awful tires!)


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