Dusting off the trainer: must mean crappy weather is on the horizon…

We definitely needed the rain, and that’s for certain. The weather has been terrific for weeks, and it has stayed that way long enough for me to finish teaching my watercolor grad course this past weekend. So precipitation comes to us now and after weeks of dry weather, that’s a good thing.

But I say this grudgingly because I know the calendar heralds the coming of winter, and with it the crappy conditions that absolutely limit the amount of riding that can be had around here. Now mind you, I don’t worry much about riding in the cold – well, at least to an extent, I don’t. I’ll ride down to the 30’s… but not if it’s raining, and certainly not if it’s icy or snowing. And the thought of spinning out on black ice doesn’t sit well with me either.

And then there’s the issue of the trainer. Mine functions properly: which is to say that I can mount a bike and spin in place for as long as I can stand it – generally for thirty or forty minutes before complete boredom sets in. That’s when cycling becomes purely about exercise and no longer about adventure or freedom.

Fact of the matter is that once you make a bike stationary – regardless of how temporary the situation – all sense of freedom and adventure is lost until you can get it back on the road again.

I love the dilemma of riding out of the driveway. Do I turn left or right? Ride through town or head for the hills? East or west? Fast or slow? No matter – the pressures and detritus of any given day disappear within minutes of starting an evening ride; the promise of the day seems tangible when the morning begins on two wheels.

But on my trainer it’s simply about spinning the pedals.

Is it spring yet?


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