Feelin’ Tweedy and Gween for St. Patrick’s Day

I’ve got the pieces and parts pulled back together. There are issues with the original wheels and so for the time being I’ve substituted a more recent single speed set. A period correct rear rack with vintage-ish canvas and leather panniers and a 50’s/60’s era Schwinn saddle bag complete the “look” – at least for now. I had plans to ride this in the upcoming Tweed Ride in March, but I’m not certain I care for the way this old girl handles… it’s certainly a LOT more upright than I’m used to! I may decide to go with the Rapide or the Follis even. (With the Follis, I could kit out in vintage French beret and ascot and tote a bottle of Bordeaux along on the ride…)

It appears that many of the participants from our local Tweed Ride will be riding in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade next month. I may have to visit Sheehan’s Irish Imports to see if I can find something green and “tweedy” to wear!


4 thoughts on “Feelin’ Tweedy and Gween for St. Patrick’s Day

  1. You know, I love the look of those bags. I’ve casually mounted them to a couple of bikes, mostly for effect if nothing else. When I first came across them in a military surplus store I just knew they were destined to be repurposed as bicycle panniers! So with that caveat in place I’ll just say that I still like the way they look. I need to rig a more stable attachment system than I’m currently using. (A short trip up and down the street impressed upon me of that particular need in no time whatsoever!) I like how sturdy the bags are and the leather piece that secures the flap is an elegantly simple mechanism that looks to me like it should last nearly forever, and no moving parts to break or replace! So the real question is: what’s not to like?

    • You know, I think she cleaned up pretty nicely, Calvert. I know I’d originally spoken to you about the idea of relining the pin stripes but I’m content with it as it stands. Some of the graphics popped nicely with the cleaning.

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