Beginning the Boulder Build

The first thing I need to say is that working with Mike Kone at Boulder Bicycle has been an easy peasey experience. Boulder Bicycle is the same group that produces Rene Herse Bicycles. (Not to confuse things too terribly much, but Boulder now licenses the Herse name from Compass Bicycles.) The Boulder line is comprised of their 650b Boulder Bicycle All Road and the bike I ordered, the 700c Boulder Bicycle Randonneur. The Randonneur is a tig welded frame and comes stock in a color they call Baby Blue Moon. Side by side with my vintage Shogun 2000, you can barely see a difference in color – nice for me, because I really love the look of the Shogun and plan for the aesthetics of my new build to be very similar. The Randonneur is designed to accommodate 50mm fenders and a 30mm tire like the Grand Bois Cypress, which I will likely select for my bike. (Uh, yeah. After I sell off some more frames and parts to pay for the rather pricey rubber.)

So at this point I’ve got various pieces and parts on the way. I’d originally thought I might build up the new frame with some choice vintage components, but the allure of the 130 spacing and a nine or ten speed cog was too much for me. I’ll be running Ultegra long cage in back and up front. I haven’t selected cantis yet, but will make that decision this week. The crankset, shown above, is a beautiful compact double 48/34 from Velo-Orange that I’ve had sitting on the shelf for over a year, waiting for precisely this moment.

I'm planning to run 48cm Grand Cru Rando Handlebars and a VO threadless stem.


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