I’m getting antsy about the Boulder

Patience is a virtue.

I understand this.

But the closer the Boulder looks to being finished, the more anxious I get. Notice that I say “looks” – it’s beginning to look like a bike, but there are so many things, big and small, that still need to be accomplished. The cantilever brake arms and the front rack have been installed. I’ve also got the stack and handlebars where I want them for the time being. I’m still sourcing the bar end shifters at the moment and trying to work out a trade because this project is swiftly turning into a money pit. (And I’m not even using top tier components, either.)

I am debating about devising a way to integrate the decaleur into the front rack rather than hanging one from the bars or stem. I’ve got a couple of ideas about that but I need to work out some details for a stable attachment system that still allows easy removal of the rando bag.

The rims I’m using are CR-18’s but I plan for those to only be a temporary solution until I can get a good pair, with a dyno-hub built up. In the meantime, I guess I should go ahead and order the tires so that I can install my fenders.

And I suppose I will also need to continue to work on my patience, dammit.

4 thoughts on “I’m getting antsy about the Boulder

    • What frame did you build around? What are your thoughts about the width you chose to use on your bars? I opted for a little extra width on the rando bars. Of course all I can do at the moment is simply straddle the bike, but they sure feel good so far.

  1. I had purchased the 46cm bars but upon arival I thought they felt small at the top bar. I subsequently purchased the 48cm’s and after install feel they are perfect for me. They really do flare out at the drops…they are great so far.

    I built out a nashbar touring bike with velo orange headset, neck and bars. Tektro shifters and campi drive train (leftover peices parts). You can check it out here; http://www.oneninetybikes.com:8080/build/

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