An early morning ride in March

What the hell is going on, Mother Nature?

Winter was almost nonexistent this year – not that I’m complaining, mind you… but I am just a little confused by the turn of weather. So are the birds, which at this moment are singing raucously, and my plants, which are green and in a profusion of flower.

I spent very little time on the trainer this year, largely because I was able to get outside to ride much more frequently than in past seasons. The days are still short and so time in the saddle has been necessarily condensed; I’ve also been wrapped up like an astronaut on some of the colder afternoons of riding. Still, it was outside and not mounted to a glorified treadmill, right?

Yesterday and today, the mornings have been glorious and I’ve been out and on the road bright and early – a neglected and treasured experience that I’d almost forgotten over the past couple months of darkness and gloom. This time also coincides with Spring Break, so I’m actually free to enjoy the weather for once (instead of sitting indoors in grumpy silence, staring out the window and swearing under my breath.)

The Boulder is nearly complete and I’m anxious to get it on the road. My rear derailleur will be here Tuesday but in the interim the roads are pretty much mine alone.

I slipped on arm warmers today, which proved to be entirely unnecessary and they wound up stuffed into my back jersey pocket within minutes. Good, wholesome perspiration came quickly as I pedaled up hills – and wicked off just as quickly in the rush of air as I zoomed down the other side.

After a week of travel and three or four crummy weather days prior to that, I’ve been off a bike for about ten days. I worried about losing a step or two during the void – after all, I want to enjoy my time back on the bike and not feel out of breath the entire time. Turns out it was all needless worry though, and if anything I was stronger than usual… perhaps that was a result of my enthusiasm to be out on the road again. Perhaps it was my excitement to just be out of the house and off the couch. Maybe it had something to do with the pleasant weather, and the birds singing, and the lush green of grass shimmering in the early morning light.

Maybe – just maybe – it was all my imagination. Who cares?


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