…just another quick teaser. This does, of course, let the cat out of the bag.

Now let me get back to building her up, ok? I’ll make some full length photographs once she’s ready to hit the road.



7 thoughts on “OK…

  1. Well, I cheated. I knew the Bike Forum guys would guess before me so I’ve been spying on your post. Heh heh! Gorgeous Gazelle. Very impressive! Something seems different (in a good way) about those shifters…
    Also, will you be giving us the full story and photographic presentation?

  2. So far, there’s really not much back story. I had sort of been keeping an eye out for a 50’s era racing frame when I saw a posting on Classic Rendezvous for a couple of Gazelle frames. Nowhere near the vintage I had in mind, so you could really say this was a spur-of-the-moment acquisition. After I pulled the trigger I was a little remorseful because I’m really trying hard to thin out the collection to just those bikes that I ride on a regular basis. Of course, you know the rest of the story: I opened the box and saw the bike; it was like a teenage boy getting tossed into an all girl’s school!

    Anyway, there will be a full photo essay pulled together later in the week after I finish building it up. I’ve got a complete Suntour Superbe kit that came off a Centurion Turbo that I’ve got roughed in at the moment. I’ve also got a 600 tri-color kit sitting on the bench. Both are period correct and the 600/DA kit was what the Special was usually specified with. But I’m starting out with the Superbe outfit first: the RD is really light and pretty much outperforms the 600. I’ve got some hoods on the way for the NGC400 brakeset – otherwise, my only concern is whether the anodized wheels and the bronzed kit complement or detract from the bike frame. That remains to be seen.

  3. Oh, how I know the feeling of trying to thin the heard. I told my wife a week ago, “OK. That’s it. I am not buying any more bikes until I restore/sell these others (5 others) first”. Then, like it was waiting for its cue, a pristine 80’s Schwinn Prologue opened up at a steal of a price. ::sigh::
    How did you like your Centurion Turbo? That is one I have always wanted to have in the personal stash.

    • The Turbo is a really light bike, especially with the Superbe group. The large frame felt whippy to me for some reason – maybe because the Tange No. 1 tubing was recommended for riders 175 and under and I log in at 190.

      n + 1 struck again last night though. I’m driving out to get a Holdsworth Professional this morning, either an outright purchase or a frame-for-frame trade for the Bob Jackson.

      • I should have plenty to post about now, with both a Gazelle and — now — a 1981 Holdsworth Professional to build up this summer!

    • …and our annual vintage swap meet, El Torreon, is set for the last weekend of the month. I’d like to sell a few frames and a whole bunch of parts, and maybe find a few nuggets to build up the Holdsworth. I’ve got a hankering to build up with Zeus if I can find a FD and cranks.

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