My bike collection

My collection, as a set, is a dynamic group and ever changing. Despite my best efforts to “keep the herd small,” I’ve still managed to stumble across some fun frames that appeal to me, usually when I’m not in any sense actually looking for anything new. A couple of readers have asked for a run down on what I’m currently riding, so without further ado this is my bike collection as of today’s date.

1981 Holdsworth Professional, the most recent of my builds, set up specifically for short errand and lunch rides from my office.

1982 Gazelle AA Champion Mondial Special, my current favorite “fast” bike.

Boulder Brevet, 2012. This is my hands-down favorite bike. ’nuff said.

ca. 1980’s Bob Jackson. Simply love this bike, but I recently decided to part ways because it is just too small. Dammit.

ca. late 70’s/early 80’s Raleigh Rapide. This is my neighborhood and “tweed” rider.

1989 PDG/Waterford-built Paramount.

1984 Peugeot P8, my venerable commuter, repurposed from a POS frame I found at the end of a guy’s driveway, set out for the trash.

1972 Peugeot PX-10 – need I say anything more about this?

ca. 1988 Freschi Supreme Super Cromo, a very beautiful bike with a beautiful ride.

1960’s era Follis, model unknown.


6 thoughts on “My bike collection

  1. Us bike zealots stables change frequently so it is informative, interesting and fun to hear what others of like mind have as regular riders. I just picked up a Manufrance frame and am thrilled to be planning a porteur build so your Raleigh Rapide look is of interest to me. Are those VO
    Elkhide Sewn-on bar covers I spy?

  2. Nope, those covers are, in fact, elk hide that I cut and punched myself. I stopped by Tandy Leather and picked out a piece from their remnant bin, which I think set me back all of five or six bucks. It has provided enough material for two pairs of bars and a custom pair of brake hoods (that experiment didn’t work out nearly as well as I had hoped, by the way.) And I still have some left over.

    • adlerpe says:

      Here’s an example of elkskin brake hoods that worked out okay:

      I suspect that a box-shaped lever body like the Universals is probably an easier fit for a thick wrapped cover like leather. A more curved body (Mafac, Campy, Dia-Compe) would probably require very careful trimming to get the edges to mate up neatly.

      • I agree – your example really is quite nice… Thanks for sharing it. Velo-Space is always a terrific resource, don’t you agree?

  3. Wow, what a nice stable. I just love the PX, although it seems to me it´s a tad too small for you. Not fishing to buy, I´m 2m tall. Also the Follis is a beauty – some detail pics, please!

    • Oh yes, you’re absolutely correct – the Peugeot is clearly a size (or even two) too small for my 6′ 2″ body. However, it’s such an iconic bike from my youth though, that I can’t bring myself to part with it. It’s surprisingly easy on my body, given the size, and I can with moderate comfort ride about twenty miles before my back really begins to beg for a longer top tube.

      I have a real soft spot for the Follis label, myself. This particular bike is great for leisurely rides – in fact I had her on the road last night for about an hour, just casually pedaling around town.

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