BikeMO 2012

The view at the end of the ride, standing on the bluffs at the winery overlooking the Missouri River in Rocheport, Missouri.

BikeMO is an annual fundraiser for the Missouri Bicycle Federation and the Missouri Bicycle Foundation. Proceeds from BikeMO are use to help in the organizational activities of promoting bicycling and advocating for better bicycling conditions in Missouri.

The start location this year was moved to Les Bourgeois Winery and Vineyards in Rocheport in central Missouri. After a fast downhill start down, into, and through Rocheport, the road route meandered through scenic historic byways, Missouri River bottomlands and several historic towns along the way including Boonville and Arrow Rock. For families and cyclists interested in a shorter journey, the route diverged at the bottom of the hill in Rocheport where riders could opt to take the much flatter Katy Trail west into Boonville.

At the end of the BikeMo annual ride and I’m wondering if autumn will be arriving early this year – or will the leaves simply die and fall as they appear to have done since mid-July?

This wasn’t the largest group ride I’ve participated in, but it was still a pretty good sized group – easily a couple hundred if I had to hazard a guess – many of whom stayed to enjoy the after ride party, listen to live music and sample local wine.

Lining up for a 7 am start.

One of the things I enjoy about riding the Katy Trail and visiting this part of Missouri is finding unpretentious eateries. Last time I was in this neck of the woods, we stumbled upon the Pie Lady of Blackwater; on this ride we were in Rocheport… and that could only mean one thing: Dinner at Abigail’s, featuring an ever-changing and eclectic selection of menu choices. The desserts are hand written on the back of an envelope, the main courses are scrawled in chalk on a four foot tall chalk board which is propped up next to your table to peruse, and the digs are a lot like eating over at your incredibly hip best friend’s house.

Abigail’s in Rocheport, Missouri


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