Morning Chill

Oh boy… the temps have really dropped and the Indian Summer we were experiencing earlier in the week has completely evaporated, wisped away in the below freezing chill of today’s morning air. The sun is out and the world looks quite enticing from the comfort of a window arm chair facing out upon my backyard.

But I’m exhaling clouds of steam as I poke my head out the door! I’ve already added layers of clothing to my Swift bag so that I can peel or add as necessary this morning, but where the hell are my ear coverings, I wonder?


6 thoughts on “Morning Chill

  1. I rode to work/school yesterday after a week hiatus and can certainly relate to your post! Luckily, I bundled up and it wasn’t raining so my situation wasn’t too bad. The road had a light coating of standing water on it which prompted me to order a set of fenders for my Kodiak as soon as I made it to my destination. You can’t get by in this region without them! Hopefully you’ve got yours on too!

  2. You better believe I do! I keep fenders, racks, and front bag on the Boulder all year long and because that has become my all purpose “go to” rider, I’m pretty much prepared for most riding situations without having to re-tool my setup.

  3. Garry Evans says:

    As you face the rigors of Winter here in the Southern Highlands of NSW, we are preparing for a harsh Summer. Spring rains have been scarce and bush fires are predicted. From what you have posted in previously it seems that cyclists hibernate. I am sure all your fans will be looking forward to hearing about your Winter projects.

    • Garry, I try not to hibernate until snow and ice coat the ground. (Although I may, in fact, bitch quite a lot about the miserable weather until sometime around the Ides of March!) I’ve actually got two winter projects underway already, having jumped the gun on Old Man Winter by at least a couple of months. I’m going to hold off writing about them for now to leave myself something to rattle on about when the weather turns REALLY nasty! I’ve also got plans for a number of cycling related poster illustrations which I’ll post here first over the coming months. In the meantime, as I did today, I’m going to keep riding until it’s simply impractical and unsafe to do so.

  4. Garry Evans says:

    “fenders.”…….mud guards we call them here. I do not like riding in the wet so I have no need for fenders. I do have an old Peugeot equipped with them although it is well down the pecking order in my collection of old velos.
    Whatever your Winter projects are I am sure we will enjoy reading your reports about them.

    • I think there is a lot of charm in how our “common” mother tongue still manages to sport colloquialisms and forms of language that are distinctive to various countries, locals, and even municipalities. My mother is British and so I grew up knowing that my saddle was attached to the seat pin, and that mud guards (of course!) guarded you and your bike from the mud. Over the years I’ve come to accept the Americanisms of “seat post” and “fender,” but at what loss I wonder?

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