Turkey Day Ride

Weather has been incredible for Thanksgiving in Missouri – 70-ish yesterday and still hovering in the mid-60’s this morning. It would be a damned shame to miss out on a Thanksgiving Day ride through Clay County this morning, despite some rather formidable headwinds. (And besides, the temps are supposed to drop in the morning and by Monday the forecast is for “damcold” weather.)  First stop this morning is the Historic Liberty Square in Liberty, Missouri.

The roads are especially free of traffic today, particularly once you get off the beaten path. Passing through neighborhoods, driveways are filled with cars, brothers and uncles are tossing footballs around backyards and Frisbees are heaved down the street. Other spots are just quiet.

Historic places abound in this area. (Well, kind of.) This former grist mill now houses retail and restaurant spaces.

Is it possible this will be the last day we see the sun until next April? Jeez, I hope not!

Gratuitous self-portrait on the bike.

And now time to loop back toward home and the aroma of sausage rolls, Yorkshire pudding, bumbleberry pie.

Oh and turkey – lots and lots of turkey!

Y’all have a great Turkey Day, and be safe.


2 thoughts on “Turkey Day Ride

  1. Ah ha! I recognize that Sugoi jersey! 😉
    Your 70 degree weather is enviable. It’s not that warm here in Portland but it’s not raining so that, in itself, is enough to have me interested in a ride as well. In fact, Thanksgiving will be a big shindig at a friends house today and I keep trying to figure out how the wife and I can ride over but with all of the items we are bringing over (bottles of booze, salad, a cast iron pan with the focaccia bread in it and deviled eggs). However, there is just no easy nor graceful way to lug those over in panniers and other bags. I guess it’s time to consider a trailer investment.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Mark!

    • I love that jersey! (And I’ve hinted around to my wife that a long-sleeved mate would be a perfect accompaniment. We’ll see, I suppose.)

      Enjoy the feast!

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