Chilly ride.

I wanted to get the International out for a longer ride to make sure it was my best candidate for a winter project as I’ve been presuming. How would it ride once I’d swapped out the narrow tires for proper 27 x 1 1/4 tires? How about the drive train – does it function under load, going up hill? Is the fit as spot on as I believe it to be – or is it just wishful thinking?

The short answers all turned out to be positive. So now I can begin to slowly and methodically plan out my strategy for moving forward. I just got finished with a small painting commission so I’ve got sufficient scratch to afford a nice powder coat – an appropriately tough finish, I think, for a touring bike that will actually get used. If I decide to coat it – and replace the original f-ed up paint – it would mark the second classic bike in a row that I’ve undergone extensive surface renewal with. Thing about it is this: I think this one deserves a fresh coat.

Today’s ride was chilly… something like 37 or 39 when I took off, but the wind chill was a good ten degrees lower than that. By the time I stopped to take this photo however, the temps were up into the lower 40’s – positively balmy compared to the temps we all know are knocking on the door!

The journey was quite leisurely compared to my usual test rides. The International has plenty of “git up and git” in the tall gears, but one doesn’t feel the urgency to accelerate stupidly, as if in a criterium or an alley cat race. It’s a pleasant feeling, one of an overall confidence. How unlike a racing bike!


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