Mud flaps

A few days ago I was following up on the world of Josh C. at The Simplicity of Vintage Cycles. In Oregon, as it has here in Missouri, the seasons have changed and to quote Josh, “With fall comes change and with fall comes fenders.”

Despite the additional baggage, I run fenders all year long – not because of the deluge we experience here in Missouri: mind you, we’re still in the midst of a drought that has been kicking our asses since last Spring. Quite the contrary, I run fenders all the time because I’m too lazy to remove them. It’s a pain in the neck to get the fender line right when remounting. Besides that, the drought won’t last forever and soon enough there’ll be crap from the road getting tossed up on my frame, my legs, my shoes – effectively, crap everywhere.

So the fenders stay put.

I woke this morning to what appears to be a day of drizzle. (No “rain” – the drought is still going strong – it’s just enough to leave crap all over the road and to make things humid and slick. Weird for December 1 in Missouri.) I’ve been of a mind to extend my fenders for quite some time now. I even went so far as to draft a template for some mud guards. (And yes, they do look suspiciously similar to those expensive pieces of cow hide that Brooks sells.) Kicking around the house early this morning, I decided to dig up a piece of leather leftover from an earlier project and trim out the forms.

A little Dremel work to drill out the holes on the fenders, a couple of lock nuts and small bolts later, and I’m ready to hit the crappy roads.

Which, now that I think about it, I believe I’m going to do right now. See you later.


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