Yes – Brrr!

It’s bloody cold outside. Not to mention the fact that it’s dreary and overcast and – well crap, I guess I have to admit that winter has finally arrived, and the world out-of-doors takes on the most dismal of appearances. It’s the end of December though, and Mother Nature has taken her time, extending the autumn weather beyond any reasonable expectations. Too, I find a little solace in the realization that the very shortest days have actually passed already: Moving forward from here we can expect to experience progressively more daylight. Little by little. Day by day.

But nevertheless, at the moment it’s still cold. At least there was a touch of sun during yesterday’s ride. Today, everything looked grim and forbidding, my nose was running nonstop and my fingers were chilled the entire time, despite two layers of gloves. (At least I didn’t have to ride the trainer indoors, though.)

I dragged my DSLR and tripod along with me this morning and two miles down the road vowed to never venture out into the bitter cold lugging a metal tripod over my shoulder ever again. The camera was snuggled between a couple layers of towel and stuffed into my front rando bag. I had this idea to test out an HDR technique I’d been reading about, and wanted to see what the results would be with images photographed in very flat lighting conditions. The ambient light could not possibly get any flatter than it has been today!

To photograph a scene in HDR requires multiple separate exposures; the technique I was employing on this outing meant I would need seven photographs for each scene. Each exposure in the series of seven had to be precisely aligned, thus the necessity of a tripod. The HDR technique has a fairly distinctive “look” to the resulting images, but it’s a lot of additional work and I’ll be damned if I am convinced the results are worth the effort.

If nothing else, the experiment got me outside and riding through the hills for a couple of enjoyable – albeit, cold – hours.

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