Winter riding

There are plenty of challenges for cyclists during the winter months. For one thing, it can get pretty damn cold and windy. Snow and other crud make for miserable, if not downright hazardous road conditions. Drivers, too, aren’t really expecting to see cyclists on the streets and their attention, already divided between the road and checking their text messages, is compromised at best.

Such barriers tend to get discussed ad infinitum, so I won’t belabor the point any further in this space. I try not to dwell on the complications and ride when I can do so, reckoning each fleeting opportunity as good fortune – a moment to be out-of-doors, away from the daily craze, “me” time to be cherished. And while winter riding can be problematic, such hurdles can be overcome if one is determined to do so.

Just incidentally, whether it be global warming or merely Mother Nature, not every day turns out god awful. Some days, the gray bleakness of cloud cover allows the sun to peek through for short moment. The early morning light can be amazing.

At other times the evening skies are rife with an incredible spectacle that most of us overlook because we’re indoors, catching up on reruns of NCIS and checking the fridge for snacks. If you want to catch some real drama, turn off The Good Wife and head outdoors for a change this winter.


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