Cycling Through Quiet Places in January

A warm wind brought a pleasant hour or two of sunlight, and with it came a bit of unexpected short sleeve riding weather this afternoon. After twenty hours of long overdue rain (but not nearly enough, I’m certain, to balance out the past ten months of drought), the roads were pretty wet. My recently finished 1971 Raleigh International is sporting SKS Longboard fenders, and I was very pleased by how well they distinguished themselves in those damper hours before the sun came out.

I had no place I needed to be and no schedule I needed to meet. For many miles, I headed south and as overcast skies began to part, the wind stiffened; still I headed directly into it, pedaling evenly but without any sense of urgency. I stopped when I felt like it to make the occasional photograph and seldom found myself breathing hard. I purposely planned my route out to meander through quiet places.


2 thoughts on “Cycling Through Quiet Places in January

  1. I’m envious of you! It’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to do a “no place to be and no schedule to meet” ride, as I’ve been tied down by the places/schedule thing. Soon, though. And the photos are lovely.

    • Almost all of my riding this winter has been pretty leisurely. I’m putting in the miles but not “training.”

      Which is the way it ought to be in the first place, right? 🙂

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