30 Days of Biking, Day 4

The engine is tuned, the pistons are firing, the tank is primed, the shorts are ugly, the legs remain unapologetically unshaved…let’s go ride!

Each day this week I’ve found it difficult to contain myself and wait until the close of business. Whether it’s a commute home with a few extra miles of side trips along the way, or a quick change and then zipping out of the garage to escape the crap of the day, I’m hitting the pavement with regularity at the moment. Thank goodness, too – I love my home, but I’ve been going stir crazy hanging about indoors. Television is just slow death; I’ve read and re-read all my books; my issue of Bicycle Quarterly is late again… get me outdoors now!

So, let’s go ride!

2 thoughts on “30 Days of Biking, Day 4

    • Yes! Others in Germany have told me their copy of BQ arrived several days ago… mine did finally arrive yesterday afternoon. It’s frustrating and makes little sense to me, but I enjoy the publication immensely…as long as it does eventually arrive I am content.

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