30 Days of Biking: Day 20

It’s still pretty dark at the moment. As I lie here with my iPad, pondering what and how many layers I’ll need, I try to recall if I actually have any eggs in the refrigerator. I’d like to mix up batter for pancakes before heading out this morning.

The only sounds at the moment are the taps of my fingers on the touchpad and the blanket of bird noise welling up from the trees surrounding my house. It occurs to me that I’d planned to post a daily ride report during “30 Days of Biking,” but have failed to come close to doing so. I love this time in the morning, when my thoughts seem to be most clear. I organize my day: I’ll ride first, of course – perhaps west so I can pass my office and pick up the laptop cord I left there yesterday. I have a gift certificate for an LBS that needs to be used and I’m thinking about a pair of Conti GP4000 tires for the ’89 Paramount. Hmm. Maybe. I should get outside this afternoon to work on sketches, and I will if I can find the motivation. Or perhaps I should pack up the IGH International I’ve cobbled together and try it out on the KATY Trail, which I haven’t traversed in several months?

At this moment the day is full of promise. Yesterday I couldn’t wait to get finished with work to head out on the back roads. An hour and change after leaving the office I found myself eight miles from the city limits, spinning low gears all the way, for some reason spinning cranks like a hamster in an exercise wheel.

Time to get up.

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