2013 Tweed Ride

Saturday morning was cool and breezy, and just about perfect for riding around a few historic neighborhoods, seated atop a zippy and lightweight three-speed road bike, garbed in a wool throwback cycling sweater. And this was also the day of our annual Tweed Ride. What more can I say? A bunch of vintage bicycle enthusiasts, hiply dressed in the costume of days gone by, mustaches and facial hair sculpted with wax…what’s not to love?

5 thoughts on “2013 Tweed Ride

    • Those are honest to goodness, legitimate cycling shoes made by Keene. I think most people use them as commuters… Shoes that are comfortable both on and off the bike. To be quite honest there a little bit hot for warm weather riding so I normally reserve them for my cold-weather rides. Like a mountain bike shoe they have a recessed area to install SPD clips. This time of year (December, January, February) these are my “go to” riding shoes – I can wear them with SPD petals and I can also wear them with the platform pedals. Once the thermometer starts to rise above 80 so I will go in search of lighter and more breathable shoes. And yes, they really are pretty comfortable. On the days that I commute to the office they are slightly more than casual looking and can fit in on studio days – they do not look good with dress clothes though.

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