1938 Schwinn Superior

Here’s a good one worth sharing – what I believe to be a 1938 Schwinn Superior – the first year of the company’s new lineup of lightweight, high end bikes. It’s in excellent condition and was ridden in last weekend’s tweed ride by the current owner, whose father purchased the bike used in 1940.

Provenance is often difficult to establish with old bikes, but this one comes with a bill of sale – dig those prices!

The new models, including the Superior, the New World, and the top of the line Paramount, were built in the “hand build shop,” a completely separate area of the Schwinn Chicago facility.

Definitely one of the coolest bikes I’ve had the privilege of riding alongside! Note that one of the differences that distinguish this bike from the Paramount is the fillet brazing. Sold as a lower priced alternative to the Paramount, I’ve yet to figure out just how in the heck they produced these terrific fillet brazed frames at a competitive price.

I’ve invited the owner – who lives very close by – to take the “cousins” (his Superior and my 1966 Paramount) for a spin sometime soon.


7 thoughts on “1938 Schwinn Superior

  1. Rod Bruckdorfer says:

    The Superior is a beautiful classic. The American Bicycle Museum in New Bremen, OH may be able to identify the model.

      • I think Rod may be referring to a definitive nailing down of the model year. As I recall the records for those years were included in the great fire that destroyed much of the documentation at Schwinn.

      • Rod Bruckdorfer says:

        Sorry: You wrote, “what I believe to be a 1938 Schwinn Superior” I thought perhaps you were not too certain about the model. My mistake, please accept my apology.

        As a side note: We spent 3 hours at the American Bicycle Museum on a layover day when we rode the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure (GOBA) this year. The museum even opened the basement storage area for GOBA. It’s a fabulous museum and 3 hours was not enough time.

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