New Year’s Eve Ride

It’s the last day of 2013 and the thermometer is showing 43 degrees. The rest of the week – in other words, the first days of the new year – are shaping up to be in the teens and lower, so I’m taking full advantage of the opportunity to be out of doors and on my bike. In my bag are both camera and sketch book.

A camera is a required tool for any of my rides. I’ve found that my iPhone is a terrific travel camera that yields great quality images. But sometimes I’m not content to be shooting everything with the wide angle lens that the iPhone sports. When that’s the case, I tow a Nikon DSLR with either a very fast 50mm lens, or a medium range zoom.

I consider myself to be a student of the world around me. A camera and sketch book are important to my observation and recording of those things and places I encounter, whether on foot, by car, or on my bike. It’s a little tough to carry either along on a bike without a decent sized bag of some sort – I remember carrying a camera strapped to my back at one time, and how much of a hassle that used to be. A large Carradice Bag works well for this purpose, but my front bag is really the perfect and most convenient way to carry these things.

On this last day of the year I took the afternoon to pedal well worn routes, stopping frequently to take reference pictures along the way. A couple times my stops are lengthier, necessitated by my desire to sketch the location. Don’t ask me why some subjects require a sketch over the camera; they just do.

To all the readers of The Early Morning Cyclist, I wish you a happy new year with many enjoyable and frequent stops along the way.


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