Spring is in the Air

Colder than hell – in fact it’s a record cold today, and yet the sun made it bearable. Too damn much snow on the ground, and still yet too damn cold to ride, but the end of the week promises upper 40’s and that gives me hope. So no, I didn’t ride out to this remote spot to sketch; I did, in fact drive the van and sat behind the wheel, freezing while I sketched, my fingers quickly cramping, so I scribbled as fast as possible.

I am so ready to be out of the house, off this damn couch – which is, in point of fact, physically making my ass hurt. Another point of fact: I am daydreaming, incessantly, of road freedom, getting away, exploring new places, perhaps putting my camera away for a good long while and simply scribbling. What a freeing thought!

A couple days ago I was contacted by a reader of The Early Morning Cyclist. A fellow vintage road bike enthusiast, he asked if I’d be interested in getting a group of riders of similar interest to ride together in the Vino Fondo Gran Fondo this coming May. It’s a route that meanders through some serious hills in Missouri’s wine country (yes, Missouri actually does have wine country!) And even though I’m not a big fan of organized rides, this one sounds like a lot of fun.

The same day I got a call from a friend – was I planning to ride in Pedaler’s Jamboree? Pedaler’s Jamboree is an annual bike ride/camp out/music festival on the KATY Trail. Hell yes, I said. My nephew wants to ride too, and, again, it sounds like a lot of fun. A few hours later, another reader wrote to inquire if I planned to ride in the two day Lake Pepin Three-Speed Tour. Also in May. Also a tour I’ve been wanting to make. And it’s on three-speeds!

I’ve a dilemma: Same time frame: I’ve also kinda sorta semi-committed to riding in the Tour de Bier. Beer, bikes…what’s not to love? Oh, and the Tour de Cure is coming up right after that. The snow hasn’t even begun to melt, and yet my ride calendar is filling up fast…did I happen to mention that in a couple of weeks, there’s also a 100K Permanent?

Spring is in the air.



9 thoughts on “Spring is in the Air

    • Thanks, Rod. I’ve come to believe that sketching is more representative of my approach to riding than is photography. I won’t be putting the camera away, but I’m less interested in documenting facts than seeking out some higher truth. Hope that doesn’t sound too sappy, but it is what it is. 🙂

  1. Decisions, decisions…I’m registered for Lake Pepin and Pedaler’s Jamboree. There’s a pretty good chance I’ll be riding the same three-speed – my 1971 Raleigh International – at both events.

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