Git ‘er done.

Oh, the many times I think to myself, “I’ve a lot to do today, so this is just going to be a quick ride.” For the first five or ten minutes, my brain is filled to distraction as I ponder and arrange and add to an ever burgeoning “to do” list. It’s not long though, before my legs begin to limber up, and I’m no longer even aware of the bike beneath me. I wave at an old man watering his lawn, nod in acknowledgement of a fellow cyclist as we cross paths, breath deeply and …

…perhaps it’s birdsong that catches my attention, or the light and shadows playing across a field as the sun climbs above the horizon. Maybe it’s the marvel of thick strands of fog, as trees and houses and cars emerge from nothingness into startling focus with an oddly shallow depth of field. An abandoned house suddenly viewed in an entirely different way, and I stop to make a photograph or a sketch. A handful of ripe mulberries, cool from the morning dew, sun sweetened and beckoning, staining my gloves – which I wipe on my shorts. What the hell, it’ll be another year before they’re in season again. Another hill, and then another, and suddenly I realize I’m miles and miles and miles from home.

And that’s ok.

Oh, the many times I think to myself, “I’ve sure got a lot to get done tomorrow.”


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