Just ambling and rambling

Ambling and rambling, just riding around. No real destination in mind, no actual course or route either. These last few days have brought us an unseasonably early chill in the mornings, and luxuriously cool afternoons. Autumn is upon us, arriving quicker than anyone thought possible. Life is otherwise a bit frantic, so my bike time and JRA outings combine well with this enjoyable weather.

I need these opportunities to chill, relax and let my mind wander. To amble around and pretend for a moment that I’ve no responsibilities whatsoever. The carefree nature of wandering is liberating as well. I know there are lessons to be planned, meeting notes to digest, groceries to be bought, laundry to ignore. So it’s nice to allow all those things to slip away for an hour or two.

I’m surprised to see so few other cyclists along the road. Granted, the wind was pretty fierce yesterday, and the sky so gray one might be forgiven for thinking the clouds were about to burst open and pour buckets. Still, the wind can be overlooked for a while, and the rain never did make good on the threat. Sunset is arriving earlier each day, and I have to remember to keep my headlight charged so that it will be available should my cycling excursion go longer than anticipated.

I usually hate the wind, but a blustery Autumn day – even a day that arrives when it’s still quite fully summertime – well a blustery Autumn day suits me just fine. I’m not planning to ride like a racer under any circumstances anyway, so I’ll plug away when the winds blow against me, and enjoy the boost of a tailwind when my journey loops in that direction. And then I’ll continue to amble along. To wander. To mosey. And ramble, and roam.


4 thoughts on “Just ambling and rambling

  1. I agree: it’s certainly what I think cycling is – or should be – all about. Racers are, of course, a different breed of cat altogether. They do their thing – and I get that – but it perplexes me a little when I see so many “leisure” cyclists feel like they have to somehow validate riding by mimicking the race costume, the race bike, the race posture, the pace line mentality, etc. I find I’ve grown a lot less comfortable wearing skin tight super hero clothing screaming with logos and graphics. I much more enjoy being able to quickly pull on a comfortable riding outfit, hop on the bike, and disappear for a while.

  2. To that end, I believe we will see a marked resurgence in the popularity of both ‘randonneur’ events and ‘suitable’ bikes over the next few years. Having just turned 60, I enjoy lending an old piece of iron to a friend that is falling a little out of love with their new carbon friend. Your reflections are always a good read, keep them coming.

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