The build up begins.

I found a nice set of “almost” porteur-style bars, complete with Hunt-Wilde grips and some sort of no-name levers at the bike co-op yesterday. They asked five bucks; I gave ’em ten just because it’s a great organization and because it never hurts to have Karma on your side. Anyway, they cleaned up very nicely. The grips look and feel almost new after a bit of elbow grease. The bars are gleaming, and even the levers are looking sharp after a treatment with Evaporust.

I’ve had this nice vintage bell for a long time and have been waiting for the right build to come along: This is the first project where both form and function seem to coordinate. The problem I’ve run into is the mounting strap. When I tighten the bell down it slips off the nut that should hold it snuggly in place. I’ll likely have to kludge together something that looks and functions a little better than the original collar.

The tires are what came on the wheel set and will get replaced. I’ll likely use a pair of Panaracer Paselas that I got for another project last year, but wound up not using. Those aluminum fenders with the matte finish have just enough patina that I think they fit the build well. And I’m pleased to say that the big butt Brooks saddle seems to have been nicely reinvigorated.

I like the wide spread of gearing for this bike and will keep that triple in place.

I’ve re-installed the bronze/brass “head badge” that has the builder’s name and coat of arms engraved into it – it just seems like a wonderful way to honor the guy. Once I finish, I’ll try to track him down to share the re-build with him. (I sure hope the guy is still alive.)


2 thoughts on “The build up begins.

    • Yes, I rather think so.

      Incidentally, I installed Panaracer Pasela tires last night (no photos to share yet.) The old tires are 27 x 1 and I find it interesting to see how much more visually pleasing the proportions of the slightly wider 27 x 1 1/4 tires are.

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