Perfect Day.

Perfect weather.

Perfect riding conditions.

Just a perfect October day.

And just about a perfect end to a perfect day, with an ice cold mug of Warsteiner Dunkel to enjoy while smoked brined pork chops seared on the grill. The bike got cleaned up after a day of riding. Chops picked up at The Local Pig this morning were liberally seasoned with roasted garlic, Rosemary, and sea salt. A generous rind on the chops held in the flavor, and I’m thinking to myself that these very may be the best tasting pork chops ever.

I’m quite content at the moment. And the dog got a pork bone, so she’s very content as well.

Sitting down to write, I’d actually planned to review the Cambium C15 saddle that Brooks sent me to test. But the World Series is on, and I’m feeling so satisfied at the moment that I think I’ll save my comments and comparisons for another day. Go Royals, and play ball!


5 thoughts on “Perfect Day.

  1. I have been riding the Cambium C17 for a few weeks now and like it very much. It was a very sensitive design update for Brooks that while looking new does not look at all out of place on an old bike. Very clever and very well done.

    • Having been one of the very first testers, I’ve been riding a C17 for nearly a year an a half now. Simply put, it’s the best saddle I’ve ever ridden. My report on the C15 may not be quite as glowing though. Stay tuned.

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