Cloudy, Rainy Day of Cycling

Not really pushing things hard at all, simply path riding at the lake, bouncing along on paved trails that are – well, paved – but in desperate need of repair from previous years of frost heaves; the tarmac ripples like an ocean, but so much less forgiving than water. Thank goodness for the comfort of low pressure/high volume 650B tires!

We’ve already tried to ride at Smithville, but got cut short less than half a mile down the path…the trails are closed for a managed hunt. Not wanting to be mistaken for a deer, we pack things in and head to another locale.

On this day, I stop occasionally to play with my newest toys, supplemental lenses for my iPhone, which has become my defacto camera the past couple of years. This selfie – and oh, how I loathe that term! Whatever happened to “self portrait?” – anyway, this self portrait was taken with the Photojojo Fish Eye Lens. Is it an awesome toy? Too early to tell yet. I’m frustrated that the lens kit which works “with just about any iPhone case”… well, it turns out that the Otterbox I have paid big bucks for is the exception. Still, it’s a fun way to extend the functionality of my iPhone camera, even if it is a pain in the ass.

I haven’t updated The Early Morning Cyclist is a month, and I feel a bit guilty for that. Weather has conspired against me riding. Work has been busier than usual. And I’m grumpier than normal for having had to ride the indoor trainer while the thermometer hovers in the teens. Needless to say, it was nice to be outside, no matter what the trail conditions.

And if you do happen to see me out on the road, please don’t shoot!


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