Hobbs of Barbican, ca. 1946.

Very, very British – and it’s heading my way later this week.


3 thoughts on “Hobbs of Barbican, ca. 1946.

  1. Tom Howard says:

    Love the lug work and pinstripes. And that looks like a grease fixture on the bottom bracket. Back in the day, bottom bracket maintenance was a piece of cake.

  2. Wow, great stuff. More snaps, please.

    And Tom, back in the day, people used to destroy bottom brackets by using the grease/oil gun ports to insert fresh grease/oil while not removing the old lubricant, so regard Tecalemit nipples like this one as what they always were: Eyecatchers and sales points.

    • Tracking shows it will arrive today sometime, after which I’ll conduct a thorough photographic documentation to share – in effect, the “before” photos. I have every hope that the “after” photos will be post-clean up only. I have no desire to repaint a queen like this one! Interestingly, in the photos that have been provided to me there appears to be a grease port (or something similar) on the non-drive side head tube. I’ll know more once the frame is in my hands and I’ve had a chance to inspect things.

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