Thanksgiving Riding.

Earlier this week my hands were so cold I could barely feel my fingers. The wind made everything feel one hell of a lot colder than the prevailing temperature, and as I coasted downhill things felt far colder still. I couldn’t find the ear wraps I use in cold weather, so the tops of my ears hurt like an S.O.B. The wind nipped at my cheeks. Even my eyeballs hurt.

Thanksgiving Day, and my annual ride was … well…short.

And then yesterday rolled around.

Nearly sixty degrees, warm winds coming up out of the south, sunny and warm – hot even, as I pedaled along, feeling really strong after days of short rides and worse yet, several evenings of indoor boredom atop the trainer. Today was even warmer, and cycling along a straight shot of rolling hills I almost immediately shed outer layers and peeled down to shorts and a light wool jersey. I raced a slow moving train for a mile or two (and lost.) It felt great and I found myself pedaling nearly the entire route, seldom pausing to allow the freewheel to spin: this spring-like day my legs were resilient and I was not even thinking about coasting.

And tomorrow? Well, tomorrow we’re back to winter once again.

Missouri weather sure is weird.


8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Riding.

  1. We reached our high of 43 around 6am. In the twenty minutes it took me to get to the grocery store, the thermometer had dropped ten degrees. It’s 29 now, with a projected low of 16 today. I won’t be surprised to see swarms of locusts, an afternoon typhoon, blistering heat, and an earthquake or two.

  2. We hit 63F right around Thanksgiving, but unfortunately because I had “stuff to do” (and just did a big ride over the weekend), I had no chance to ride (besides “commuting”.) Now we’re at 40F , sunny, windy.

  3. They always say that in Pennsylvania…there are days where you can run the air conditioner during the day and have the heat kick on at night. I think that happens at times no matter where you live. I managed to walk 8 miles today….which really makes me happy. Can’t wait to get back on a bike!

    Azorch….do you still ride in the bitter bitter temps?

  4. Our 3+ hour ride yesterday bounced between -2C and +2C here in western Oregon. We were prepared for weather a bit warmer than that but enjoyed the clear blue skies, no wind and traffic free pavement on a local rails to trails path.

    This is much colder than our typical weather this time of year but I’ll take any dry day in the Pacific North Wet!

    Enjoy the ride,

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