Entirely by the numbers

I’ve made the point before, that The Early Morning Cyclist was never created to be anything other than a forum for me to record my thoughts about a fairly esoteric personal interest – restoring and riding classic and vintage road bikes. Regardless, it has taken on a life of its own, evolving into something that – frankly – kind of amazes me.

Let me just say that WordPress is a pretty darned good platform, and I like that they make the stats for your blog so easy to read and follow. At year’s end, WordPress also sends you a summary of those statistics and it is with a bit of disbelief for me to discover how many people have read The Early Morning Cyclist for one reason or another. (Especially since I take no discernably serious effort to market or actually work hard at the blog.)

I began this as a personal journal in 2010 with a total of 23 views. Those numbers didn’t matter to me at all. But since that time, the audience has grown and – inexplicably to me – people began to subscribe to, and presumably actually read my random missives about vintage road bikes, handlebar bags, JRA rides, ambling and rambling around the Midwestern countryside, bicycle saddles. The audience for The Early Morning Cyclist now numbers in the hundreds of thousands, and I wonder how that is even possible! In 2014, there were readers from 87 different countries (a couple of which I had, to my shame, never even heard of prior to reading the summary listing.) Some of the most read posts were written in previous years: apparently “bike mysteries,” Raleigh Super Course and Centurion Super LeMans sports touring bikes, front mounted randonneuring bags, and the Brooks Cambium saddle hold a certain degree of ongoing interest for more than a few people. And people continue to comment at those pages. This past year, there was a flurry of reading activity and commentary when I wrote about an almost “non-event” – the gift and resurrection of a crusty, no-name frame.

Readers are finding The Early Morning Cyclist in various ways. Search engines, bikeforums.net, Facebook. This latter referrer really puzzles me! I enjoy following several other blogs of similar ilk to my own, and I notice that many readers find their way to The Early Morning Cyclist by way of those venues: simplicityvintagecycles.com, letsgosmart.org, restoringvintagebicycles.com, velohobo.com, societyofthreespeeds.wordpress.com, urbanadventureleague.wordpress.com, cykelhobby.com, argentinafixedgear.com, bicycles.net.au, oceanaircycles.com, revancebikeco.wordpress.com, and many, many others. It’s a curious and circuitous route, but interesting to me nevertheless the way that many of us who might otherwise have never met have yet become connected.

Thanks for the many comments, and thanks too for showing me that my interests are shared by so many others. Have a wonderful 2015, keep both wheels on the road and your head above the bars. And don’t forget that life is too short to ride ugly bikes.


6 thoughts on “Entirely by the numbers

  1. Well, your illustrations are first rate, and, to mention but one item, the crusty no-name frame turned out to be a wonderful thing, so I think it´s obvious people read your blog. If I ever find out how to do a blogroll, yours will be the first on it.

    • Yours, too, is one of the blogs I enjoy. I really appreciate the perspective you provide by sharing what – for me, anyway – is a very different world of bicycles and bicycling. There is a very civilized aspect to the events and examples you share that very much appeals to me. Have a great year, and please keep sharing!

  2. Tom Howard says:

    I really like your blog and appreciate your artistic abilities, not to mention your skills at bike wrenching. Whenever I see one of your restorations, I think, “Dang. Where did he get that Paramount, or Raleigh International, etc. I believe I found you through Restoring Vintage Bikes. Nola has done some pretty amazing restorations, as you must know. Happy 2015.

  3. graveldoc says:

    I came to find “The Early Morning Cyclist” by a somewhat different means; having met you at the 2014 Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour. What was astonishing to me was discovering you had once lived in Cedar County (where I have lived these past nearly 29 years)!

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