Cold ride.

Yeah… so, I realize that cutting off my nice thick beard last week has repercussions! Stopping for a few minutes yesterday morning, I enjoyed a windbreak of brush and trees. The small lake is frozen solid, much like my face.

I’ve not ridden the Paramount in a while and thought it would be fun to head out on a more sparsely outfitted bike than I normally do. But spirited riding means faster riding – faster descents, in particular, left me with ears and cheeks screaming out in protest. For a while, my fingers were also mind numbingly chilled, but by the time I stopped this was no longer the case as I’d pretty much lost all sense of feeling in them. Miserably standing there, nursing whatever small comfort I could from the windbreak I was thinking about how I would describe this morning’s ride. I had every intention of bitching and moaning to anyone who’d listen, an exercise in pure, unadulterated solicitation of sympathy.

And then I got home, checked Facebook, and saw this video.


Holy Toledo – what a freakin’ stud!

I may never whine again – but if I do, I hope I remember this truly inspirational video.


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