Puttering around the studio


It’s deceptively sunny outside today. And truth be told, after a week hovering around 0, it actually feels downright balmy.

For a minute or two, anyway.

It doesn’t take long for the wind to slice through and through, and then I’m back indoors, in the studio, enjoying the sunlight that warms the floor along the wall of southern exposed windows. I glance wistfully out those windows from time to time.

It’s a lazy day, and I’m not really accomplishing much of anything unless you count an early afternoon nap. Lounging on the couch, I think about the 1946 Hobbs of Barbican across the room. Although the wheel build is complete, I’m still on the hunt for various parts. I’d like to find a set of Lauterwasser bars, for instance. And I’d also like to not spend a small fortune on a Chater Lea crank set.

Meanwhile, I’m going to use a few relatively modern components and replace them as I locate period bits. The Cinelli bars and stem, and the Weinmann brakes are placeholders for the moment. A square tapered track crank is also going to temporarily drive the wheels.

The French track hubs, spaced at 110, were laced up to CR-18 rims and are sporting a 18 tooth track cog. For tires, I’ve enlisted the ubiquitous tan wall Panaracer Paselas.

Not much else to do, so I’ll continue to putter around I guess.



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