All bettah now.

I’ve recreated and printed the Hobbs graphics on waterslide media. (I had extra space on the sheet so I also printed down tube graphics but don’t intend to use those – I guess I’ll just have them around for no other reason than to – you know – have them around.)

Regardless, my OCD brain can stop fixating on that stupidly botched, thickly painted Tester’s abortion that had been on there. I will give this a full week of drying time to avoid unsightly wrinkling before adding a clear protective coating over the graphic.

I created ten of these, so if anyone else needs one please drop me a line.

5 thoughts on “All bettah now.

    • Josh, I’ve already owned and run a design firm for a whole bunch of years (been there, done that!) This all stays strictly a hobby for me. In the meantime, I have run out of the water slide media I’ve been hoarding for the past two or three years and need to figure out who I ordered it from originally because it really works great!

    • I’m hoping the head badge graphic keeps me happy while I ride it with modern-ish parts and wait around for the vintage pieces to (eventually) fall into my lap.

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