Bike stats


11 thoughts on “Bike stats

  1. graveldoc says:

    Now your speaking my kind of language! Reminds me of the ride I took yesterday. When I arrived home and attempted to estimate the distance I’d traveled, I fell somewhat short of what I “thought” I’d ridden. However, when I consider all I did in those seven hours, I’m rather pleased with my day! Enjoyed the post.

  2. Paul Glassen says:

    This brought to mind my response when someone asked me if I would be participating in Bike To Work Week. I said I’d like to, but first of all, I would have to go out and get a job….(I’m long retired) And then I have no way of keeping track of my kilometres. Back in the 1980s when miniaturized electronic cyclometers became available, I tried one. But it was a distraction from what I am out there on my bike to achieve – getting away from it all. Needless to say, I don’t carry even a mobile phone much less a dumb phone. So keep noticing those groundhogs and bluejays, but most especially that delicious “100% perceived enjoyment”.

    • My annoyingly smart phone keeps track of my steps and distance and all sorts of other things, and seemingly has a mind of its own. On the one hand, this a pretty convenient way for me to watch my daily nutrition (I’m a Diabetic). But do I really need a handheld nanny laying down a guilt trip every time it reminds me that I’m 56% of the way toward another 10,000 step day. I mean, c’mon!

  3. I like your stats better than anything that comes from the cell phone. Every now and then I get the urge to track my rides, and everytime I at best disinterested at the end of the ride.

    Though I do gotta wonder what people are doing when I beat them on short legs when I’m riding a 40 lbs 3 speed and taking time to smell the flowers along the way. Makes me wonder if I need to sniff longer.

    • The only way to know for certain is to track the number of times you sniff. Multiply that by the average length of time you’re sniffing, then divide that by pi…wait a second. Forget the numbers. Just enjoy a piece of pie.

  4. Personally, I stash pie in my mouth. I have the same problem with ala mode though. Using my storage solution it simply doesn’t last very long.

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