Technology SNAFU


A new feature on Flickr has bit me in the arse. The last couple months of my archived images have disappeared, and because many of the images I use on this blog are linked to my Flickr account, so too are those images gone from The Early Morning Cyclist. I feel like puking right now.

Or hurling my laptop like a Frisbee.


8 thoughts on “Technology SNAFU

  1. That sucks. Used to do the flickr route for images on the blog, but since I switched to wordpress, I decided to do all images via them, just in case something like this came up.

  2. Sorry to hear it.
    If you downsize your pics to about 100-250 kB, wordpress will have space for thousands. I´ve nearly 190 lavishly illustrated posts on my blog, and still I have only used about ten per cent of the available free webspace. Noone´s ever complained about the photos being too grainy, either.

  3. Flickr – infuriatingly – has no provision to retrieve the images. I am ready to wash my hands of the whole thing right now, except for the fact that it would mean I’d lose all of my linked images entirely if I did. In addition to this blog, I also lost every other image and associated link for my artist blog and the several student lesson pages I maintain. A horrifying number of tutorials are irretrievably lost; since most of those were done “in the moment,” I’m not sure I can even remotely replicate them.

    Once I get over feeling sick to my stomach I’m going to look into a dedicated space.

    • Tim F. says:

      There was much angst a couple of years ago when Flickr did a major overhaul, and I think it cost them a lot of users. I’ve stuck with them, but I have to say, I’m more inclined to bail when I hear things like this. Sorry to hear about your troubles Marc. I hope you get it sorted out soon.

  4. Tamaso says:

    Hey there, this is not germane to your post, but I wanted to comment on your blog since the comment section to the article on Jan’s blog was closed (

    In your comment you mention a Missouri statute that says “cyclists may proceed unabated through an intersection if cross traffic or right of way is clear”. I don’t live in Missouri, but I am interested in how state laws regard cyclists, so I looked it up. As far as I can tell, the statute you are referring to is 304.285.1 (there is no other MS statute mentioning bicycles that is similar to the one you mention), see:

    The above law sounds much narrower than what you mentioned: only applies to red lights, not stop signs; requires cyclist to stop and wait for green for a ‘reasonable’ amount of time. This really sounds more like a legal ‘out’ to the situation where you are sitting an an empty intersection waiting for the light to change, rather than the ‘Idaho-stop’.

    • You raise a great question, and I’m going to do a little digging to see what I can find out. I’m repeating what bicycle advocates in the area have been sharing with riders at various charity rides I’ve participated in the past couple of years. Parroting the words of others is, of course, a less than responsible practice – particularly if it turns out the information is wrong, or only partially correct.

  5. My condolences on the loss of your files. I used to do a blog through Blogger, but maintained my files at the server that hosts my domains instead of on Blogger. Google decided that it was too much trouble to accommodate those of us who used FTP and quit supporting it. The links for five years of art files for near-daily posts were broken, and knocked the steam out of me to the extent that I quit writing it. I’ll bring it back with WordPress, one of these days….

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