Swap meet score

The best ten dollars I’ve spent in a long time: Several pairs of CLB brake hoods for MAFAC Racer brake levers, new in the bag and still incredibly supple; ten real, honest-to-goodness rubber tire patch kits (not pictured)…the glue is questionable, but the patches are like gold to me; a pair of obnoxiously bright pink toe straps (the wife’s bike gets pinker and pinker every day); several NOS cycling caps…all in all, a nice little score for a tiny little swap meet. And the best part is that the big one – the El Torreon swap meet – is still yet to come this Sunday!


7 thoughts on “Swap meet score

  1. Paul Glassen says:

    I am so envious! Two of my bicycles, both mid-1980s French, a Bertin Cyclo-crosser and Gitane Tourer, have Mafac cantilever brakes. I would love to find good NOS brake hood covers for them.

  2. neilfoddering says:

    I love these levers! So much, in fact that I specified a pair for the bespoke 650b randonneur built for me this year by Sven Cycles of Weymouth, Dorset, England. In the early 1950s, Sandy Holdsworth of Holdsworth Cycles suggested a pair of MAFAC levers as part of a dream specification. I can’t recall what calipers he suggested, but they weren’t MAFAC.

    • Yes, I share your affection for these levers. I really like the way they fit my hands, and they look pretty great attached to bars also. I have a couple pairs that will find their way onto one of my builds now that I’ve got supple and appropriate hoods to marry up with. You mention Sven Cycles, and I have to say that I have occasionally followed some very fine examples of their work online. Do you have photos of your rando posted?

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