Raleigh Randonneur

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed (re)building this bike back up, and putting in some wonderful mileage. As the days grow shorter, time and opportunity to be outdoors with my sketchbook have been more and more limited. This sketch, in fact, was quickly drawn from a chair in my studio yesterday evening.


9 thoughts on “Raleigh Randonneur

  1. Just another note to express that I truly enjoy your sketches. Your ability to get the eye, mind, and hand to nail the proportions constantly amazes me. Your ability to get the important features, and omit the distractions, delights me.

  2. Well, you’ve harnessed the spirit of bicycling and are able to release some of it in your sketches and blog posts. Thats why I subscribe 🙂 . Your collection of bicycles is admirable, and I look forward to your ride reports. Have you ever considered collecting your posts and publishing a book? It would be a wonderful addition to anyones book shelf.

    • William, I’m currently about a third of the way through a manuscript for a book about sketching. There will be many of the bike sketches, but also just those that are of the world at large – much of which I capture while out riding. (I call that activity “bike sketching.”) It’s been a while since I prepared a book and I have (conveniently) forgotten how much work it is!

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