A little chrome goodness.

I’ve been thinning things out. I’m not a big fan of eBay but it’s sure helped to move frames and parts out of the studio. This week I’m packing up the Cycles Toussaint frame for shipping. As the components get stripped, I’m transferring them back to onto the chromed goodness of a Katakura Silk frame set. I had this bike set up in a similar 650b configuration once before, and even though I’ve seriously pondered adding it to the purge, I’m finding it more difficult than I imagined it would be to part with.


2 thoughts on “A little chrome goodness.

  1. Lovely machine! Would love to see more pics. Word of caution: the last time I clamped a high-end frame there I cried like a baby after unclamping it and seeing the dent in the frame. I’ll never do that again. To make matters worse, it wasn’t my bike but one of the favorites of a friend’s.

  2. I certainly appreciate the word of caution. Just for the record, I don’t actually clamp down with my stand. I have it loosened up to the point where it’s not actually putting any pressure on to the tubing. When I need it to be stable, I clamp onto a seat pin and tighten things down pretty good.

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