Tweed Ride 2016

This year’s Tweed Ride was fun, but just a wee bit disappointing. Why? Well, I sure wish there had been more vintage bikes on hand – other than my own, of course. Modern bikes and dress up. Hmmm.

I do look forward to this event though. It’s fun to get out and ride one of my vintage bikes, get all duded up in something resembling period attire, and join a group of others of similar mind. This annual ride is sort of turning into a hip, fashiony event. But still cool. Folks are out on bikes, enjoying themselves and the day.

My bike of choice today was a 1946 Hobbs of Barbican. It’s a fixed wheel time trial bike. Staying true to the form of the time I was dressed head to toe in black as British time trialists would have done in the 30’s and 40’s. (An alpaca jacket would have been required – which I don’t have. Fortunately, it was a warm day so no harm, no foul.)

I arrived early, hoping to get in some sketching. Unfortunately, I found out the damn ink was running low in my pen.

Well crap. Guess I’ll just ride my bike.

6 thoughts on “Tweed Ride 2016

  1. Nice article. Which tweed event was this? It is great seeing people, esp younger ones than myself, out enjoying vintage machines and fashion but I hear you on the few who join such events w out appearing to even try on any level. I picked up a “new” vest today in NYC to get one bit closer to having one complete vintage outfit.

    • Tim, this is the Kansas City event, I think rather aptly titled “Velocipede and Tweed Indeed.” It’s a good event, a lot of fun, and just getting better each year.

  2. kslibi says:

    My significant other was very disappointed that he did not get to see your Hobbs.

    This was only our 2nd year at the event, and we’ve enjoyed it both times. I think my hope would be that such events would spark interest in and learning about vintage bicycles among slightly less informed folks (myself included). I know purists would not consider my ’74 Schwinn Suburban in lime green to be appropriate, but I enjoyed the beautiful day and picnic regardless. I think it would be nice if they did an award for “oldest” bicycle and allowed some people the floor to talk about the details their bicycles. More learning. I am very patient with the range of fashion statements and bicycles. No judgement from me!

    • It really was a wonderful day! I think I’ve only missed one Tweed Ride – the first one, as it happens – and this is the first time that my wife has missed the event. Ah! Sometimes life just gets in the way of the better stuff!
      I recall seeing a Suburban parked in the center space. I don’t know if that was yours or not, but my Hobbs was inconspicuously leaned up against the wall right around the corner. One thing I definitely don’t want to seem like is elitist, and I hope my earlier comments didn’t sound like sour grapes. Your Suburban and those other balloon tire kindred in attendance are definitely welcome, as are the current model bikes. My disappointment was really that there were so few “old” bikes in attendance…stuff older than the 60’s. And boy, do I realize what a curmudgeon that makes me sound, so let me elaborate further: Just a few years ago, we had high wheels on display, and a late 30’s Superior, and others of similar ilk. I miss seeing those. I wonder if those guys sold their bikes, or simply didn’t know about this year’s event. I don’t know, and in any event I digress. We used to have all sorts of awards like oldest bike and coolest and costume, etc. etc. Personally, I think that sort of thing is cool and attracts the enthusiast crowd. But this event also attracts people who are interested in riding a bike, and by gosh that is totally the best possible reason for gathering. I wish we had a lot more mass opportunities like that in our fair city.
      As for the Hobbs – well, it’s in my garage. I sometimes ride it on Sunday mornings on the downtown airport route just to pretend like I’m a 1946 time trialist. And I’m happy to show it off to anyone riding through the Northland. It’s a cool bike. 🙂

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