OK, so I’m more than a little disappointed to discover that these “28” x 700c Clement Strada LGG tires actually measure approximately 23.5 rather than 28, even after having stretched on the rim for 36 hours. To be certain, the gum wall version of this tire sure does look right on my Paramount, but in addition to an appropriate appearance I was really wanting the extra width…the Vittoria tires I took off measured a true 25, and rather than gaining girth I actually lost some. I’ll measure again in a couple of days to see if anything has changed.

These tires get good reviews, but I’ll hold off commenting on ride quality until the snow is cleared from the roads.


10 thoughts on “Disappointment

  1. Al Sherman says:

    The Compass tires are fabulous. The Chinook Pass model is 700×28 and comes with the gum sidewall. The ride is like a magic carpet.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more about the Compass tires. I ran Compass Chinook Pass on my Boulder Brevet for quite a while, and when it came time to replace them I did so with Compass Stampede Pass to get a little more width. On my rims, the Chinook Pass measured 29 and the Stampede Pass measure a true 32. I agree with your assessment of “magic carpet ride.” I’ve got Compass Barlow Pass 700 x 38 tires on my International. And while those don’t spin up as quickly as the narrower Compass tires do, they are wonderfully comfortable running at lower pressure. When my Jeff Lyon L’Avecaise arrives, it will sport Babyshoe Pass tires. To say I like Compass tires, would be a real understatement!

  2. Didn’t you have a disappointment with the mounted, measured width of some Compass tires as well? Jan Heine is so famous for scientifically quantifying things. He should just follow Grant Peterson/Rivendell’s example and show photos of actual caliper readings, specifying the rim they are mounted on. It is an awfully costly disappointment to order a pair of expensive tires, pay shipping, (and exchange rate here in Canada) only to find they don’t measure up to their advertised specs.

  3. The Compass tires did eventually stretch out to spec… and I think that was also the 28’s if memory serves. But I seem to recall that it took a while to do so, and I’m hoping these tires eventually do likewise. It’s not unusual for there to be some discrepancy, but two full sizes is a bit much. I really have to believe the eventual dimension will be closer.

  4. Since you mention “those don’t spin up as quickly” in reference to the Compass 700 x 38 tires, it reminds me of my other complaint about Compass Cycle’s tire cataloguing: no weights are listed. This seems like a major oversight complicating comparison and estimation of potential performance.

  5. Actually, if you go to the Compass website, navigate to the tire product page and click on the small link for “Technical Specs” you’ll find the tire weight listed. For instance, the listed weight for the 700 x 38 Barlow Pass is 390g vs. 351g for the extra light model.

  6. I guess its good to know that its not just the Compass tires that are not close to their advertised widths. My Barlow Pass tires are 33mm, not 38, and my Rat Trap Pass tires are barely 2 inches, not 2.3 . As you suggest, its probably best to list sizes with recommended rim widths. Its really disappointing when expensive tires turn up a minimum of 5mm out : (

    • So here’s my data point on the Compass tires: if I recall correctly, they measured narrow when I first mounted them. Over time, they have stretched out to be “close” to the marked width on the rims I am using. Anecdotally, this seems to be a similar situation that people I know or have chatted with on the forums have experienced with a variety of tires. On the flipside, just this morning I read a post about Contintal tires measuring out wider than marked. Without a common control in place it’s difficult, if not impossible, to come up with a true benchmark. I think rim width is a huge contributing factor. And by the way, the tires I originally wrote about in this post have, over time, stretched out a lot closer to the marked size. But it took a very, very long time to do so.

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