Thank goodness for good weather and an opportunity to get outside on my own to ride for a couple of hours. I needed to be away from the three ring circus that is our political system, broadcasting from every media outlet 24/7. Never in my memory have we been so divided as a country as we are at this moment. Social media is fuel on a raging fire, too. Had I left my iPhone at home I’d have escaped the lunacy…but no. I heard it ping, letting me know I had a message, and made the mistake of checking it. I wish I hadn’t. I was getting trolled on Facebook by a smug “why can’t you live and let live, get over it because we won it all” nutball.

Sad. Just sad.

It bothered me for the rest of the ride, and on into the night. Don’t ask me why. I’m usually good about ignoring stuff like this. Maybe, arriving as it did in the middle of an otherwise enjoyable JRA outing – maybe I was resentful of the interruption. Cycling is meditative to me, a means of decompression, to escape… it’s a strategy for reconnecting with me. Getting insulted and criticized like that … gosh, I’ve got a lot thicker skin than most people. But what a soul suck it is when a person feels the need pulverize someone else with their opposing political views, to bathe them in guilt by “Bibling” them, to presume that their world view is, indeed, an override of another’s.

Like wheels on a bike, life and things propel forward. Life goes on.

But dang it all. I thought I’d escaped that crap for a while yesterday.



16 thoughts on “Escape.

  1. Great looking bike and the ride quality must account for the smile on your face. Nice work fitting the fenders, maintaining the wheel line as I always cringe a little when I see fenders crunched up at the fork crown and seat stay bridge. Very nice. Looks like you have the new Brooks C17 saddle fitted. Such a great product and I have now switched over all of my bikes as the ‘sit’ is terrific.

    • I’ve been riding the C-17 for quite a while now. That saddle has been on my bike since the first test group was released in June a couple of years ago. I was fortunate to be selected as one of the original 50 testers of both this and the subsequent C15 saddle. I did not care for the narrower saddle as it didn’t fit my particular body geometry very well. I wound up being able to traded saddle for saddle with another cyclist who had a C-17 he didn’t care for. That second one is on one of my Paramounts. Bottom line: I love the Cambium saddles!

  2. I believe that every person needs to be heard. The reason why the US is the amazing country that it is, whether people agree about this or not, is due to the fact that this is a country born out of immigrants. What I do dislike is that lately you can’t have a civilized conversation with another person without such person using language that goes beyond inappropriate. Let’s express our point of view, but let’s do it in a manner that is respectful and engaging.

  3. Phillip Cowan says:

    I make no bones about my politics. I’m a straight up socialist. When the yokels start Trump-eting I tell them don’t blame me I voted for Bernie. I wouldn’t worry too much about Captain Cheeto though. Since he can’t ignore even the smallest insult he’s going to be spending all his time tweeting his witty retorts.

    On a lighter note your bike is looking pretty righteous.

    Any more news from you english friends?

  4. I never ride with a cell phone, and wish my ride mates wouldn’t either. Yes, to some extent we ride to get away, to escape.

    As an ex-patriot US citizen living (for twenty plus years) in Canada, I was struck by a comment from Marcela; “… the fact that this is a country born out of immigrants.” Many Canadians might say the same. (No, this is not a comment about the new president.)

    In the 150th anniversary year of Canadian Confederation (1867), we have just had the conclusion of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. It addressed the treatment of the original inhabitants who were here when those immigrants arrived. In the US; ‘Native Americans’. In Canada, ‘First Nations’. In both, indigenous peoples overrun by European colonialism.

    Our countries were not solely ‘born out of immigrants’. They were also built atop ancient, sophisticated and mature indigenous cultures. Importantly, they were sustainable cultures. Cultures that did less harm to the environment in thousands of years than the immigrant culture has done in a couple of hundred. Any chance there is something to be learned here?

  5. Prowler says:

    I do now carry a phone when I cycle but its an obsolete steam powered unit – no email capability. I have to stoke it with bits of coal to keep it going for a long ride. I carry it for emergency use now that I’m 65yrs old and am no longer immortal.

    But it rests behind me in a padded pouch and I cannot hear it “ring” or chirp or whine while I’m underway. Very nice. I’m with you about the tranquility and solitude of a long ride – the escape, the mental release, the break from life. Whatever’s going on can wait a couple of hours if not longer if not forever.

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