Those of you who regularly follow The Early Morning Cyclist no doubt have noticed that my contributions have been far from regular of late. There are various reasons for my absence. First, and foremost, I haven’t had anything new to share. Having said what I felt I needed to, I hate the idea of simply stringing words together for no reason. I’ve also been very focused on that thing I “do,” which is teach and make art, and write about art and artists. If you enjoy the drawings I occasionally use to illustrate The Early Morning Cyclist, I invite you to visit Just Sketching, where I share urban sketches, techniques for location sketching, and the random tip or two. I also write for Drawing Attention, the official worldwide magazine of Urban Sketchers, and I sincerely invite you to pick up a pen and any scrap of paper and come join us out in the real world.

Anyway, as usual I have taken the long way round getting to my point, which is that The Early Morning Cyclist is taking a hiatus. Riding bicycles and appreciating the design and engineering of this simple mode of transportation is and continues to be a very important part of my life. If you pass a bearded cyclist out on the road atop a pink French bike, sporting a plaid cycling cap and eschewing Lycra, raise a hand in greeting – there’s a good chance it’ll be me. And no worries, I’ll definitely wave back.


11 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Mark says:

    Thanks for letting us know, and your writing and photography skills will be missed in the meantime. Enjoy your well-earned break!

  2. Rod A Bruckdorfer says:

    Enjoy the Hiatus, it is well deserved. You are an inspiration to a guy who was assaulted and is recovering from a mild TBI. Cheers, Rod

  3. Tom Witkop says:

    Actually I do have a question and I was never able to post a comment before. Ironic now that you have signed off I can post comments. The question is how did you set up spacing on your Raleigh international with the three speed? I think the Raleigh is spaced at 120 mm and a normal old-fashioned sturmy Archer three speed hub might be at 110 mm or less. What did you do to make that work properly? Thank you very much

    • Hi Tom. Interesting that you asked this question today. Just this week I’ve been pondering a switch back to three speed for that bicycle. (I “rando-ized” it maybe a year or two back with five cogs in back and a Stronglight triple up front.) Anyway, to answer your question: As I recall, my International is spaced at something imprecisely measuring around 121. Not anything to lose sleep over – the previous owner had a seven speed squeezed in there! The three speed hub I built the wheel around is a modern Sturmey-Archer S-RF3. It comes in a variety of configurations – 28, 32, or 36 spoke holes, and three or four different OLDs. My hub is 119 or 120 – I don’t recall which. But it slides right in, like hot butter on toast. 🙂 By contrast, my 1946 Hobbs of Barbican is spaced at 110 and would have worked nicely with those original SA hubs. As it is, I built it up with a fixed wheel drive and I had to come up with some good condition 110 vintage track hubs to meet the need. It is, however, the reason I didn’t go with a three speed fixed gear though… I seem to recall that the modern SA hubs are only available in 120 and 130, or something close to those numbers.

      Meanwhile, after years of writing I’ve placed The Early Morning Cyclist on long term hiatus. Not sure if I’ll be back or not, to be honest. My “day job” and the various art publications I write for take a lot of time and I relish my free time, celebrating the breaks by actually riding rather than writing about riding. 🙂

      Happy to provide some (hopefully) helpful and relevant information to you, and I’d love to hear what you are planning on your end.

      All the best!


  4. Phillip Cowan says:

    It’s getting a trifle boring out here on the interwebs. We could use a good hand. Are you sure you want to stay in self imposed exile? Just checking and wishing you and yours well.

    • Thanks for the thoughts! Maybe I’ll revisit the world of The Early Morning Cyclist again some day. For now, the interviews and editorial I do for the art world keep me out of trouble – at least when I’m not otherwise embroiled with teaching said subject.

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