I’ve lived a varied life as a designer, writer, photographer – and for the last decade, as a teacher. I’ve traveled extensively, which is reflected in my personal work over the years. Bicycling, like walking, is to me a better way to explore my world. Travel by planes, trains, and automobiles leaves me with the feeling of a tenuous connection – at best – to places and people and events. Too, the mode of two-wheeled transportation has a magnetic pull on me; the simplicity and elegance of bicycle mechanics and mechanisms reminds me of the journey… and for me, the journey begins long before I pedal out of the driveway.


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Ray Jaegers says:

    Hey, fellow Bike Forums member here. Just checked out your site, very nice job. You mentioned powdercoating on your site, Have you ever used Groody Bros.? I see their ads on Craigslist from time-to-time and their work looks great. I’m considering having a bike powdercoated and was interested in whether you had first-hand knowledge of their work.


    • I love to ride and I love steel road bikes. Writing this blog is a natural extension of those interests and I enjoy this opportunity to share my experiences and to communicate with like minded souls. I’m glad you found this helpful, and that HLE frame bike your getting started on yourself should turn out to be a pretty great project. All the best!

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